About Heyleel.com

Heyleel.com is a comprehensive pharmacy and medical supply company dedicated to providing medical providers, professional caregivers and individuals with a full spectrum of health care products. We provide a wide portfolio of patient and prescription services overseen by specialty clinical expertise to address chronic and acute health conditions.

Working closely with physicians and insurers to attain positive outcomes, Heyleel.com provides patients with a full range of complex and prescription medications. These drugs are from biotech, recombinant and/ore biological technologies, and require specialized services to make distribution effective. The company specializes in treatments for HIV/AIDS, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis-C, multiple sclerosis, growth hormone deficiency, diabetes and other chronic disease states. As a specialty pharmacy provider, our mail and community pharmacies also carry hard to find and hard to handle medications that are typically more expensive than medications carried by traditional pharmacies.


Heyleel.com divisions include:

  • Heyleel.com (institutional pharmacy): a full service pharmacy serving hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and private patients
  • Mail Order Pharmacy: dedicated to helping community based oncology practices to enhance and prolong the lives of people battling cancer
  • Medical Supplies: including durable medical equipment and disposable health care productsHey