Payment failed To Process

Sorry Our system couldn’t process your credit card. Please try a different card or use a different payment method.

Below may be the reasons your credit card couldn’t be processed by our payment gateway:

The reasons your card payment didn’t go through may be:

  1. You entered the wrong details. Make sure you have the correct details and try again.
  2. You didn’t have enough money on your card. Make sure you have enough money before you try again.
  3. You might be using an anonymous proxy or proxy server to access the internet, which we don’t allow during the purchase process.
  4. is always doing her best to protect you from any kind of fraud. Sometimes this can cause perfectly legitimate purchases to be refused.
  5. Your Bank might have rejected the payment. Try using a debit card  

We recommend you use our alternative payment methods. Below is a list of our Alternative Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Western Union
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Zelle
  • CashApp

Contact support or call/text/whatsapp us: +1-978-400-3156 for more information regarding your order